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This How-To Series presents some common use-cases of hopit.

To get an overview of the platform please read the Introduction first. For an installation guide please see the Getting Started section.

We try to cover all aspect and features of the platform. However, if you are missing something or need further help, please contact us.

hopit. Stream

Coming soon ...

  • Send monitoring data to MQTT broker

hopit. Operate

  • Provision new Beckhoff IPC's
  • Use the Azure IoT Hub Device Twin
  • Install Windows Security Updates on Beckhoff IPC's
  • Connect to Edge Devices via VPN and RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • Using the CI/CD pipeline for TwinCAT with Hardware-in-to Loop Tests on an Beckhoff IPC
  • Deploy TwinCAT PLC programs to Beckhoff IPC's at scale