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Official Platform Documentation.

Hopit is a complete & scalable IoT platform to manage your machine park over the entire life cycle: From a structured development process, to the initial set-up of Industrial PC's in your production lines and the servicing & monitoring of your distributed machinery.



Fully integrate your machines management to your business processes with ready-to-use DevOps Pipilines, Unit-Tests and Data Streaming.



Hopit Operate enables device roll-out and management at scale. We cover the whole development and operations process starting from one click device provisioning.



Connect your Machines from a variety of vendors to the Cloud for optimizing processes, monitoring and building andvanced data analytic streams.



The hopit. ecosystem empowers people with different roles and responsibilities to join their skills and benefit from each other. It provides a common platform for all working groups involved in developing, operating and analyzing industrial facilities.


Executive managers need conditioned information of an entire system, to make trendsetting decisions and learn from previous processes.

The way from the physical level to a generalized system overview of decentralized applications can be a long and rocky journey. Developers have to aggregate the right data and need a possibility to deploy and test their code. Operators need to roll-out and monitor this at scale and Data Scientists have to condition the aggregated data and present them as coherent and valuable information. Finally, the IT Department has to guarantee a secure operation of devices connected to the internet.

DevOps Chain


While developing applications for industrial facilities, to ensure a stable & robust operation and to optimize processes with the help of conditioned data, developers have to monitor PLC variables over a long time period and need remote connection to the machines.

  • Monitor all PLC variables and IPC resources automatically.
  • Connect to IPC's via your Development IDE or Remote Desktop.
  • Version, test, release & deploy your code using a complete industrial DevOps pipeline


Commissioning IPC's in a production line and keeping their software up to date in the field can be tedious and chaotic tasks. With hopit, workers can set-up IPC's with a single click. Service technicians can roll-out PLC software updates, maintained in an App Store, at scale.

  • Set-up multiple IPC's in the production line with a single click.
  • Staged roll-out of PLC software updates to machines in the field.
  • Get customizable alerts from all machines in the fields via push messages or e-mail.

Data Scientist

Data from sensors and actors are the source for all AI & analytics algorithms for industrial applications, no matter how complex. Scraping them at scale in heterogeneous environments is a main strength of hopit.

  • Provide real & live data from industrial facilities accessible by a simple API.
  • Use a container based platform to run your algorithms and visualize your results.

IT Expert

IT security and industrial applications connected to cloud based services are diametrically opposed demands. Managing this at scale while keeping highest up-times possible is a huge, but unavoidable mission.

Modern IPC's ship with operating systems like Windows, Linux or FreeBSD. To ensure a secure operation in cloud enabled environments, security patches of the OS and the applications are absolutely necessary. The hopit platform enables you to roll-out pre-tested software updates in stages. You can run scheduled and cloud managed update- and cleanup jobs to ensure best possible customer satisfaction.



Remote Access

Connect to all of your IPC's in the field via Remote Desktop or your IDE.